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Car Seat Cleaning

Our original service! We believe that car seats should be a safe and healthy part of transporting children. We pick up your seat(s) at your scheduled time, hand-wash each part of the seat according to manufacturer recommendation, allow them to air dry, reattach the removable cushions, and deliver seats at your preferred time (the following morning as early as 7 am)*.

*see our FAQ's page for more information regarding our methods OR call/text/email us any time!

One Car Seat- $45.00

Two Car Seats- $72.00

Stroller Cleaning

Strollers can get just as messy as car seats... just in a different way! Allow us to pick up your stroller, hand-wash each part (we even shine your tires), allow them to air dry, and deliver the finished stroller to you at your preferred time. 

We even refill and lubricate deflated jogging stroller tires and wash away any cobwebs or leaves.

One Single Stroller- $45.00

One Double Stroller- $50.00

High-Chair/ Play Yard Cleaning

You asked, and we said... YES! High chairs can get pretty sticky. Babies are cute, but they're pretty messy eaters! Allow us to clean up your little one's high chair to have them eating in a healthy chair.

Play Yards are easy, portable and convenient. We recommend getting a cleaning if you're about to use it on a trip to ensure your little one will have a clean place to sleep while away from home!

High Chair- $50.00

Play Yard- $50.00

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Please call us if you have any questions or need help scheduling

(281) 906-2142

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