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Michelle B.-Facebook

December 7, 2019

Holy BUBBLES. Just got our car seats back and they look BRAND NEW. I've taken the covers off and thrown them in the washer before, lysoled them down after someone got sick, but they have never looked this clean since they came out of the box. One of these I even left outside to dry once and it rained and got nasty sap all over the straps and they even got that out!!! These seats are practically SPARKLING! 10/10 will use again!!

Leigh Ann C.- Facebook

November 27, 2019

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Hugs and Bubbles! They were quick to respond ver professional and the car seat looks amazing!

Instagram Review

November 25, 2019

My seat looks amazing. Thank you so much. What an awesome service!

Amber C.- Facebook

October 11, 2019

L recently 'spilled' (more like poured) yogurt in his car seat leaving it stained and stinky. A day or so later, I saw a friend post about using Hugs and Bubbles to clean her car seat after an accident from her child. I was intrigued because with a newborn, I had NO idea when I would get to clean L's car seat. Well, let me tell you! I scheduled an appointment, the sweet owner Jessica showed up at my house and picked up the seat yesterday afternoon, and returned it to my house this morning looking amazing and smelling SOOO good!! We will absolutely be using this again and so excited about finding a place to clean and sanitize the seats that my babies spend a lot of time in. HIGHLY recommend! #notanAd #jusSUPERimpressed #shoplocal #supportsmallbusiness #momsneedthis #ilikethingsthatsmellgood #hugsandbubbles

Instagram Review

October 9, 2019

Car seats look amazing! Thank you so much! I will definitely recommend you to friends!

Slumber Tents- Facebook

September 26, 2019

Such a life saver. I felt so much better knowing my girls were sitting in a clean car seat. Definitely will be using again. Thank you so much.

Instagram Review

September 24, 2019

You are a car seat angel! And you can quote me on that!!! 🤗

Instagram Review

September 5, 2019

Our car seat and stroller came back looking brand new!!

Lucy M.- Facebook

August 7, 2019

I just received my seat back and it was the BEST experience. The seat is spotless, and it smells amazing - my daughter just told her brother, "smell it! Smells good!" I will definitely use this service again - I'm already planning to do the seat that lives in dad's car.

Instagram Review

July 28, 2019

I just picked up my carseats from my parents. They look AMAZING! Thank you!

Amy G.- Facebook

July 12, 2019

Hugs & Bubbles picked up our stroller yesterday at 2:30 PM and it was just delivered this morning at 10:30. Excellent customer service, fair pricing, and a quick turnaround will make us repeat customers. Time to book in for the car seat!

Instagram Review

July 11, 2019

They look awesome! Thank you!

5 ⭐️'s for Thoroughness, Quality, Timeliness, Customer Service

Instagram Review

July 9, 2019

Id have to admit I'm very impressed wat the wonderful job you did with both stroller and car seat. they look practically brand new and smell amazing. I'll be sure to spread the word on your services you offer! Good luck on your new business :)

Stacy W.- Facebook

July 3, 2019

Call me lazy I don’t care...I HATE cleaning car seats. So many nooks and crannies where food collects, and not to mention it’s a pain to remove the cushions/covers and wash only to put it back together again. I was super excited to learn about Hugs and Bubbles, and they took care of it for me! They came to our house and pick up the car seats and returned them the next day. They look brand new!! She showed me pictures of all of the gunk and grime that she removed and...😳. I highly recommend and will definitely use again!

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