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Frequently Asked Questions​

How do we clean the car seats?

While many people simply toss their car seat cushions in the washer and hose down the rest, in our research, we've found that this is not the safest method of cleaning. It may diminish your seat's efficacy and the tensile strength of the straps. We research each make and model of seat before we begin. We only remove the cushions that are designed to be removed. We hand wash every part of the car seats (and every other item) using Johnson & Johnson, Dove bars, & Dawn Dish Soap. (More on the straps on this page.) The cushions are then laid on a drying rack to air dry. Once dried, all of the parts are reassembled and we do a final check to ensure that there aren't any stray stains or germs. 

How do you clean the straps?

The straps of a car seat require special care. We take it very seriously. We use the same cleansers (Johnson & Johnson, Dawn, and Dove) to clean the straps. We dilute the Johnson & Johnson and Dawn in warm water. Then we soak a clean microfiber towel in the solution before wringing it out until it is barely damp. Usually, this is enough to get any dirt or stains off of the straps, but if anything is stubborn, we lightly rub a Dove bar on the spot before resuming with the towel. The straps are never submerged in water or taken off of the car seat. It is so important to us that we take the best care of your seats. Of course, we want them clean, but most of all, we want them safe.

What if I need special hours?

We are pretty flexible. If you have any specific needs outside of our online availability, you can always call us at 281-906-2142, email at or send us a Direct Message on any of our social media channels. 

How do I pay?

There is no fee to set up your appointment. After being asked by several clients, we now offer online payment. After you book your cleaning, we email you a link that will allow you to pay online. You may still pay with cash or card at pick-up or delivery as well. Payment is due by delivery.

How do you clean the clasps?

Moisture can lead to rust in a car seat clasp. It is important to properly clean them so that they continue to work to the best of their ability. We find that removing any sediment or caked-on food/crayons/glue is best when the item is dry. We use a crevice tool or a metal point to gently remove as much as possible. We then use our standard solution (Johnson & Johnson and Dawn) on a lightly damp cloth to wipe down the surfaces before using a dry microfiber cloth to remove any left-over moisture.

Do you do Fundraising?

Absolutely! As the parents of three little girls, we are big fans of education and extra-curricular activities. We have a fundraising option where you have friends and family book a discounted appointment and enter your code in the Appointment Notes. A portion of each cleaning will go to your school or organization. It's as simple as that!

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